When to Prune

January 15, 2013
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Flowering shrubs and small trees are a staple of most garden designs, as they provide height, structure, screening, and year-round interest. However, integrating these woody plants with perennials and annuals can be challenging because, over time, they will overtake their herbaceous neighbors. At Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where I am executive director, one technique we use involves managing smaller woody plants much as we do perennials: cutting them back severely every one to five years (the frequency depends on the variety).

Gardening Advice: Big Trees, Small Pots, Hard Work

October 05, 2001
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Q: On my deck I have two birch trees in big planters, which have done well for many years. Now I’m beginning to worry about them. I prune them every year, but is it time to repot them or prune their roots?Jay Cohen, Brooklyn, N.Y.