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Photo by: Don Freeman

Plant hunter Daniel J. Hinkley may be best known as an author, lecturer, television guest — from Nova to The Martha Stewart Show — and founder of the cultishly adored Heronswood Nursery, where he helped advance American plantsmanship one plant and one anecdote at a time. Today, though, much of his energy is directed inward as he tends the six-and-a-half-acre garden he’s dubbed Windcliff.

This article was first published in Garden Design Winter 2012

The Well-Edited Garden: Sakonnet, Rhode Island

June 13, 2011
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The Sakonnet Garden in Little Compton, Rhode Island, began as the private domain of the then 12-year-old John Gwynne—“a place I could explore,” says Gwynne, now retired and again spending much of his time in the one-acre plot. Situated on a peninsula brushed by the Gulf Stream, Little Compton enjoys a maritime climate that allows Gwynne and Mikel Folcarelli, his partner of 30 years, to grow a wide variety of plants, from Himalayan blue poppies to palms. “We started collecting just to see what we could grow,” says Gwynne.