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Emerging from supporting roles as masses of background greenery, ferns can hold their own as centerpieces, indoors or out.
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Garden Design editors look for new Way Hot plants at the 2007 California Pack Trials 
Highlights and observations from San Francisco's annual event
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Either by making or finding them, new plants are constantly arriving on the scene — here's how to get a sneak peek
Where to find the plants listed in The 2005 Way Hot 100. 
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Foliage plants are the hardworking backbone of the garden. They provide year-round interest and color if you choose well.
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A beautiful and necessary occurrence in the garden, Jack Frost transforms gardens into a glittery scene of ice and sleep while never being certain when the curtain will rise. From old wives tales to the Farmer’s Almanac, which are the best clues as to when the star of the winter months will make his first appearance?
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