Art & Botany: A Restaurant with Gourmet Sunlight for Plants

August 23, 2012
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"Photosynthetic cuisine needs to be domesticated, at home in people's gardens. As our plants grow more civilized, perhaps they can further civilize us."—Jonathon Keats

Last summer, American artist Jonathon Keats launched a pop-up restaurant at Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum. There were no chairs, plates, or chefs. At the world's restaurant for plants, the patrons were the roses, and the menu was filtered sunlight. 

Getty Redux

July 25, 2012
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As anyone in Hollywood knows well, sequels often disappoint. To redesign and improve on success without gilding the lily is one of the great challenges in any discipline. So when the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles acquired the 20th-century sculpture collection of benefactors Fran and Ray Stark, and needed a place to show it, the museum wisely returned to Dennis McGlade, a partner at the Olin Partnership and the original designer of the Getty’s landscaping, for expertise.

Art + Botany: Severin Roesen's Still Life Paintings

January 26, 2012
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Recently unveiled, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new American Wing is a fantastic collection of work that illustrates the influence of natural subjects on American artists. It includes paintings from the Hudson River School—Albert Bierstadt’s Rocky Mountains and Frederic Edwin Church's The Heart of the Andes—a group of landscape painters whose work conveyed the nation's mid-nineteenth century optimism and abundance.

Poetry of Gardening

August 12, 2011
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Anne Spencer, one of the few women writers associated with the 1920s’ Harlem Renaissance literary movement, lived in Lynchburg, Virginia where she practiced her other art, gardening.

Earth, I Thank You
Earth, I thank you
for the pleasure of your language
You’ve had a hard time
bringing it to me
from the ground
to grunt thru the noun
To all the way
Feeling seeing smelling touching
I am here!

National Gallery's Van Gogh Vertical Garden

June 29, 2011
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Has London one-upped Paris when it comes to vertical gardens on museum walls? While the vertical garden that Patrick Blanc planted on the Quai Branly Museum never ceases to amaze us, London's National Gallery unveiled in May a truly unique living wall of its own.