A Garden Labyrinth Becomes a Pathway to Healing

January 24, 2014
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Their beauty and eternal promise of growth and rejuvenation have made gardens natural spots for healing and reflection. For this special garden, healing became the primary focus. It was created for a couple who were mourning over the loss of their son, and needed a place where they could heal and meditate.

East Coast Garden Finds its True Cottage Identity

August 06, 2011
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When Douglas Miller, a Landscape Architect who graduated from Michigan State University, first stepped foot on this Somerset, Maryland property the home was facing an identity crisis. Much like a counselor helps his patients embrace their true selves, Miller helped the owner establish a cohesive exterior style. “Originally plastic shutters flanked the windows and the trim was painted a bright white,” he points out. These Colonial details were not doing the home justice, so Miller suggested switching to a cottage style.

Travel to Maryland, and you can usually expect to do a few things: Eat hard shell crabs, walk the Ocean City boardwalk and tour some of the historic Civil War-era towns. But if it’s a garden you seek, you'll find that Maryland has nearly two dozen public gardens to explore, packed into its 12,000 square miles.

A complete tour of Maryland’s most famous blooming gardens can be an adventure. Here are a few of the state’s not-to-be-missed spots, and where to stay when you visit: