Art + Botany: Mitsuru Koga

January 19, 2012
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Mitsuru Koga is an artist who emulates nature. Working with leaves, rocks, and driftwood, he becomes the hungry grasshopper, the abrasive sea, or the passage of time, adapting his methods for each different medium.

Leaf Cutouts (2009) recalls the silhouettes of devoured leaves. "An insect makes exquisite cutouts in a leaf," Koga reflects. "Inspired by these leaves, I began my creative process." The series was exhibited in a small gallery in Venice, California, along with a leaf cutting workshop with instruction by the artist himself.

Art + Botany: Jenny Lee Fowler's Leaf Silhouettes

November 24, 2011
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If you take a stroll in the chilly autumn winds this Thanksgiving weekend, you'll find a really lovely landscape. On the ground are silhouettes of so many leaves collecting on the sidewalk—the gingko's fan, the oak's fingers, and the maple's peaks—and with each silhouette, the story of a tree's evolution. Artist Jenny Lee Fowler cuts portrait silhouettes of people from leaves and bark. Her paper cuttings are distinctly modern, while honoring the legacy of early American portraiture and the natural elements that are her media.