Lawn care

Photo by: Saxon Holt

Lawn. Do you really need one? Grasses guru John Greenlee answers with a resounding no! "There is no doubt that lawn culture is not good for the planet," says John Greenlee, whose mission is to change how America gardens. "I really, desperately want to help America start making meadows instead of lawns." The American Meadow Garden: Creating a Natural Alternative to the Traditional Lawn (Timber Press) teaches you how. Says John, "There are no limits. You can do this anywhere."

Photo by: Jonelle Weaver

As you stroll along a prosaic gravel path in Sydney Baumgartner’s split-level garden, you spy a patch of grass through an opening in a solid green slab of hedge and think: garden-variety lawn. Then you step through the “doorway,” and a spectacular wide-angle vignette stops you in your tracks. What had looked like a postage stamp of turf suddenly unfolds to become an enormous oval carpet, punctuated by romantically gnarled apple trees and ringed by masses of plants.

Gardening Advice: Aggressive Lawn Grasses

October 04, 2001
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Q:  What’s the best way to prevent aggressive lawn grasses from taking over my perennial bed? Lori C. Conway, Chamblee, Ga.