Art + Botany: Stefan Sagmeister's Botanic Typography

May 13, 2011
Submitted by admin

Stefan Sagmeister's aesthetic approach is often considered more punk rock than anything else. The graphic designer is known for underscoring beauty with a brash dissonance—he once designed a lecture poster with letters carved into his chest with a knife. However shocking, his style is versatile; he's also a poet, an inventor, and, literally, a landscape designer and botanic artist. The message is in the medium, and sometimes the only appropriate medium is floral.

Art + Botany: An Illustrator's Plant Alphabet

February 10, 2011
Submitted by admin

On the language of botany, I imagine many plants would gladly elaborate if they could.  Though they lack a traditional (or human) grammatical structure, plants do have a language. They exchange nouns and verbs for colors and shapes, a visual code by which they variously attract, repel, and generally speak to an audience that includes pollinators, each other, and us.