Ends of the Earth: A Retrospective of Land Art

June 20, 2012
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This season, Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art mounts a major retrospective of land art, the ambitious 1960s and ’70s movement that saw artists literally sculpting the earth to create works of grand scale. Often considered a renunciation of the commercial art world, pieces like Robert Smithson’s 1970 Spiral Jetty (a 1,500-foot coil of salt, mud, and rock in Utah’s Great Salt Lake) and Hans Haacke’s 1967-69 Grass Grows (a conical mound of dirt planted with grass seed) have inspired more sculpturally minded landscape architects ever since.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

May 23, 2012
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The owners of this Camden, Maine, home love to throw large dinner parties, so Rockport-based designer Deborah Chatfield kept the design simple. “They wanted the feeling of Tuscan loggia, so we used stone and had our cabinet maker build a long wood table,” she says. 

Carved Books

May 01, 2012
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guy Laramee 1
Photo © Guy Laramée

Art + Botany: Q&A with Photographer Lori Nix

February 17, 2012
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Lori Nix is a "faux" landscape photographer. In other words, she builds her subject matter, rather than seeking it out. Her dioramas are precise snapshots in a longer story—surreal narratives with epic consequences. Varnished with a dash of humor and a touch of doom, her fantasticl landscapes arouse a perfect balance of curiosity and trepidation. Her built landscapes include remote pastures, suburban corners, and urban towers, and, quite often, her work depicts the quiet confrontations between these worlds.