Using Corten Steel

April 24, 2012
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In his own Hertfordshire, Britain, garden, designer Tom Stuart-Smith erected a Corten wall and picked up its red tones with Astrantia 'Claret.'

Few designers speak rhapsodically about concrete or gravel; but rusty steel, well, that’s another matter. The metal, especially a type called Corten, has been coming up in conversations all around the world. 

Art + Botany: The Claude Glass

April 19, 2012
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Instagram has certainly been in the news lately, having been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. But before there was Instagram, there was the Claude glass—a small, tinted, convex mirror that was popular in the 18th century. Toted in artists' cases and tourists' pockets, the portable mirror offered a transformed view of the scenery. It was a picturesque filter for any landscape, reflecting a vista with pleasant distortion and a subtle color palette.

Now and Zen: The Portland Japanese Garden

February 01, 2010
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Some seek out the Portland Japanese Garden as an oasis, it’s true. For sure, Portland residents slip into the garden’s deep-green embrace to escape earthly cares. And absolutely, the layering of deftly sculpted form and texture — of noble stone juxtaposed against curvaceously sculpted branches — is meant to draw you away from the mundane and material onto a higher plane. But retreat isn’t all this place is about.