A "Messy" Lamp

October 01, 2012
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Nature may seem wild and unpredictable but, says Ukrainian designer Vasiliy Butenko, it’s really just a series of “systematically chaotic forms and deeply complex geometric shapes.” Out of this belief grew Butenko’s black Mess lamp, which has a stemlike base topped with a jumble of hexagonal “petals” for a shade. The lamp, made from durable, lightweight aluminum, provides a satisfyingly dissonant juxtaposition of modern structure and free-flowing organic forms. This tribute to botanical logic is biomimicry at its best.  

Holiday Gifts 2011

December 19, 2011
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As the last blooms of the garden fade, the frost takes away more than just the fruits of our labors—we lose entire months of alfresco pleasures. But the dedicated (or obsessed) among us have figured out a way to bring the outdoors in. Here are our picks for adding a touch of the natural to winter’s doldrums with rustic materials and garden-inspired accoutrements—and without the perennially dirty fingernails and bug-bitten limbs of summer.