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As we head into these last few weeks of summer, lots of garden vegetables are ripe for picking. But what if you have too many vegetables? Kevin Lee Jacobs shows us his no-canning tips for how to preserve beans, herbs, leafy greens, onions, and garlic for up to a year by using the freezer and some pantyhose!
A driveway behind one of the oldest farmhouses in the Los Angeles area is transformed into a Victorian-inspired outdoor living area
Expert advice on planning and designing an outdoor cooking space. 


The ancient design of outdoor ovens fires a passion for fresh-baked pizza—here's everything you need to know about installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen. Add one to your garden and you'll never get delivery again. "I think of pizza as just a starting point now," says one pizza oven owner—read on to see what else he cooks in his outdoor oven.
Four great cocktail recipes using fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to try.
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11 of our favorite cocktail glasses for your botanical cocktail, plus our suggestions for all the bar accessories needed to muddle your herbs into tasty drinks.
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Watermelon Shrub, courtesy of Kathy Hubler, mixologist at Elsewhere Restaurant, NYC
Russ Faulk of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet shares his favorite pizza recipe that's easy and quick to make
This outdoor kitchen designed by Raymond Jungles in a Coconut Grove, Florida, rooftop garden was made for entertaining
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