Jasmine, a Revolutionary Flower

May 10, 2011
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Jasmine, a long-time favorite flower of the Chinese, loved for its scent and use in tea, has been banned by the Chinese government. Starting in February, there was talk of a "jasmine revolution" floating around the internet and the Chinese government put in place an open-ended ban on selling jasmine at the retail and wholesale markets in Beijing. Even famous poetry about the fragrant flower has been yanked off the internet.

"Jasmine Becomes Contraband in China," The New York Times

Botanic Superlatives: The Flower with the Most Expensive Perfume

February 28, 2011
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“Plants that wake when others sleep / Timid jasmine buds that keep / Their fragrance to themselves all day / But when the sunlight dies away / Let the delicious secret out / To every breeze that roams about.” — Thomas Moore

In Southern California, the first spring breezes are interlaced with a terribly seductive scent. An evening stroll through low-lit sidewalks is gently punctuated with the fragrance of the jasmine blossoms, giving one the impression that a beautiful woman has just walked by.