Helen Marden fell twice for Golden Rock Inn. The first time came in the mid-2000s when Marden, an artist, and her husband, minimalist painter Brice Marden were looking for a new spot in the sun. St. Barts, the couple’s longtime haunt, had become “too crowded, too much art world,” recalls Marden, whose own style embodies the bohemian-chic aura that attracted those crowds in the first place. Friends suggested the relatively quiet Caribbean island of Nevis, a rough circle of beach and green forest that’s only seven miles wide. Its better-known sister island, St. Kitts, lies two miles away.

This article was first published in Garden Design January/February 2012

Art + Botany: Haute Holiday Trees

December 23, 2008
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Designers around the world have crafted their own Christmas trees, inspired by lotus flowers, French macarons, and children's story books.