Garden Party

Photo by: Melanie Acevedo

Nowadays, people call any flat spot with a bit of structure a garden room. But it takes a whole lot more than a sense of enclosure to bring a room to life — a sense of purpose is needed, too. Landscape designer Jon Carloftis explains, “We should put as much thought into outdoor spaces as we do into interior ones: An allée, for instance, can be a great entry hall; a hammock in a shady grove deliberately invites restful solitude. I designed this room for clients who like to party.”     

Photo by: James Carriére

Davis Dalbok is dressed in a pale lime-green suit, a lemongrass martini in one hand and gesturing with the other over a corner of this San Rafael, California, garden. “This area is all about stories in green with riots of color,” says Dalbok. He’s guiding his guests for their first look at the garden he recently completed for a dear friend. Dalbok’s description could apply to himself: He’s a passionate plantsman whose worldview embraces the colors of every continent. But here, the story he’s set out to tell is one that is pure California.

How to Build a Cheese Course

June 12, 2009
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Building a beautiful, well-balanced cheese course can make even a savvy gourmand sweat. The choices are astounding. Where to start? We were so inspired by the cheeseboard served at Rudd Oakville Estate (as seen in Garden Design, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," July/August 2009) that we decided to ask Dean & DeLuca Corporate Executive Chef Paul Marshall for his tips on creating your own.

Where to start:

Photo by: William Geddes

The morning of her son's graduation party, Mara Seibert walked out onto the terrace of her Short Hills, New Jersey, home and gazed out over the wide, gentle slope of the lawn. The sun was streaming its yellow tendrils through the trees, and she could see the pond in the distance. After days of attending to plans and details, it was time to celebrate. Her son, Nick, would be graduating from Millburn High School this week.

Photo by: Christopher Hirshimer

The frilly-edged lettuce, sturdy red chard, and big-bellied radishes have the night off. Freshly weeded and watered in their neat beds, they’re here to party. It’s pig roast at the home of Chicago restaurateurs Rick and Deann Bayless. Everyone (and everything) involved with the couple’s world-acclaimed Mexican restaurants — busboys and bartenders, farmers and friends, green beans and garlic chives — is welcome.