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Show me your garden, and I will show you who you are. From the humblest window box to the finest parterre, each garden has its own distinct character — a verdant reflection of the person who created it.

Serving Up Rare Heirloom Varietals

June 07, 2012
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As diners with wine glasses in hand stroll through the organic restaurant garden behind Mustards Grill in Yountville, California, they might spot shoots of French fingerlings, Russian banana fingerlings, purple Peruvian fingerlings, German butterball, and Mountain Rose plants. And those are just a few of the heirloom potatoes that they'll get to taste at Mustards Grill and Cindy Pawlcyn's other restaurants, Go Fish and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen.

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The road up into the mountains from Kingston is not built for speed, but no one seems to have told the driver. As the car hurtles around hairpin turns, the countryside flies by in a blur. It's only when we stop at a switchback to let a truck barrel past that I see the hillsides are lined with small plantations.

Gardening Advice: Neglected Grape Vines

October 09, 2001
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Q: I’m stumped by what to do with some badly neglected grapevines that came with our new home. Their supports are long gone, and they have been sprawling all over the ground for years in what I actually thought was a twig pile. I know the vines should be pruned, but I have no idea where to begin.Kim Neumann, Erie, Colo.

Gardening Advice: Invasive Mulberry Tree

October 05, 2001
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Q: My 15-year-old mulberry tree provides wonderful summer shade, but it’s growing up into the power lines, and my neighbor says its roots are damaging his underground sprinkler system. Can I prune the roots to keep them out of his yard? Should I replace the tree?Sandra Todd, Los Gatos, Calif.