Photo by: Melanie Acevedo

Nowadays, people call any flat spot with a bit of structure a garden room. But it takes a whole lot more than a sense of enclosure to bring a room to life — a sense of purpose is needed, too. Landscape designer Jon Carloftis explains, “We should put as much thought into outdoor spaces as we do into interior ones: An allée, for instance, can be a great entry hall; a hammock in a shady grove deliberately invites restful solitude. I designed this room for clients who like to party.”     

Designer Profile: David Sutherland

April 01, 2010
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David Sutherland, the Texas-born founder and C.E.O. of David Sutherland and cofounder of Perennials Outdoor Fabrics spoke with us about taking classic French design outdoors, his company’s newest all-weather material and the secret behind his durable fabrics, which are strong enough to withstand the relentless, lone-star sun.