Flora Grubb

Vertical Gardens

February 28, 2013
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Check out our slide show of Vertical Gardens around the world.

Vertical gardens have an amazing and dramatic appeal and public vertical gardens have begun popping up in major urban centers all over the world. In a cityscape full of concrete facades and architectural flourishes that can only imitate nature’s aesthetics, a building covered completely in hundreds of species of living plants is a showstopper. 

When Flora Grubb added a floral-design studio to her San Francisco garden boutique and nursery this past fall, she created it with intent. The Cutting Garden would use only in-season California-grown materials, and strive to inspire clients to grow and gather bouquets in their gardens at home. Enter floral designer Susie Nadler, a San Francisco native who finds inspiration in materials seen in her everyday surroundings. “For me, they evoke emotions that are very personal and tied to my own sense of place and home.”

Flora Grubb Gardens

July 25, 2007
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Flora Grubb has done it again. If her Guerrero Street Gardens in San Francisco put her on the map as California's horticultural fashionista, drawing the city's best landscape designers to her door, her newest venture, Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco's up-and-coming Bayview, just east of downtown, announces the new age of the urban nursery — and raises the bar for garden centers everywhere.

Greening San Francisco's Guerrero Street

May 07, 2007
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Rushing past my flat in San Francisco's Mission District, there is a double-lane stream of freeway-bound traffic. Until recently, a solid concrete median, about 2 feet wide, kept northbound and southbound cars apart. Though this is a residential area filled with families, it felt like a freeway onramp.