Easter Crafts and Decoration

April 02, 2012
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We've put together a lot of Easter content on the site. If you haven't had a chance to read all of it, here's a compilation:

-Decorating with herbs and daffodils for your Easter table.

-How to make floral crowns with lilies and lily-of-the-valley.

-Making Easter baskets with peat pots.

Peat Pot Easter Baskets

April 20, 2011
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These natural little Easter baskets are quick and easy to make, and you might find you already have all the needed materials on hand.  

peat basket 1

The base is a basic peat pot, the handle is bark-covered wire, and the “Easter grass” is just sphagnum moss, all easily found at your local garden or craft store.

The Easter Tree

April 19, 2011
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Where I grew up, the Easter tree was almost as important as the Christmas tree. Well, almost. But I still can’t survive an Easter without one. My mom has carefully saved our homemade blown and dyed eggs over the years, so that when I visit for Easter I’m sure to find some of the same old eggs hanging on her flowering forsythia branches.