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Starting today, January 25, artist Will Ryman's 38 giant rose blossoms and 20 oversized rose petals will be installed on Park Ave. in New York. Conceived as a love letter to New York, Ryman's sculptures follow a long tradition of notable art appearing on Park Ave., with past work including pieces by Robert Indiana and Tom Otterness.
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Plants, unplugged, might be the best way to describe the stunning suspended plant-artworks developed by one Fedor van der Valk, who makes these beautiful hanging plants in Amsterdam, under the name String Gardens. Uprooting flowers and trees from their regular terrestrial spots not only showcases the roots, so rarely seen by humans, but elevates the individuals plants into unexpected sculptures.
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Designer and homeowner share a passion for plants in a jewel-box garden in Berkeley
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On Kauai, a private garden retreat is the setting for a seasonal celebration — Hawaiian-style
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