Colorful Planters

January 18, 2013
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Above: Steel Life’s shallow Basin Mod Dish is ideal for succulents that need minimal water and soil. ($98)

Outstanding Container Plants

October 27, 2012
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'Black Magic' Elephant Ears (Colocasia):  Big tropical leaves. Goes with almost anything in a container. Perennial in mild climates.

Links We Love, 6/19/12

June 19, 2012
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-Even the blackest of thumbs can keep a plant alive with this ingenious design: a terracotta planter that self-waters! [Gardenista]

Vertical Ascent

May 15, 2012
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On the Ball A planter made from 80 percent recycled cast-iron allows vines to drape gesturally over its edges. ($155; Urban Nature)

Photo by: Todd Coleman

When I moved to New York City from Southern California nearly 20 years ago, I missed the easy access to nature I’d always enjoyed there. Over time, though, I became attuned to the ways the natural world reveals itself even in the heart of the city—in its rambling parks, its abundant farmers markets, its window boxes erupting with blooms. Still, by the middle of last year, my fourth-floor apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and my daily commute on the subway had begun to feel stifling. It was time for a change. 

This article was first published in Garden Design September/October 2011

Gallons of Glamour: Hero Design Lab RC 1 Rain Collector

April 15, 2011
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Say “rain barrel” and most of us think of a retired whiskey cask with algae lurking beneath the lid. Lately, though, the green push to save water and reduce impurities in our gardens has brought rain barrels into the present, complete with updated designs and high-tech add-ons.

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