Botanic Notables: A Public Food Forest in Seattle

October 19, 2011
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Last week, a plum tree was planted in Seattle. Local volunteers planted the tree in an undeveloped field that will soon be dense with lots more trees, on a sloping seven-acre swath of land in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. The forager-friendly garden will be called Beacon Food Forest, and it promises to feed, educate, and connect the community from its verdant perch just two miles from downtown Seattle. With a projected seven acres of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, it will be the nation's largest public edible landscape. 

Art + Botany: Fallen Fruit

August 05, 2011
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During a visit to Los Angeles, a friend remarked to me that so many streets are named for things that to eat: Olive, Orange Grove, and Grape. Like dandelions in sidewalk cracks, these street signs peer through the city's neon and vinyl, a reminder that Los Angeles was once organized by boulevards of orchards, not Hollywood and Sunset.