Art + Botany: Frances Perlzman Liscio's Photography

December 08, 2011
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A botanic illustrator and erstwhile music photographer, Frances Perlzman Liscio designs and photographs floral compositions that are a little Victorian, and a little rock star. Interested in nature's ever-changing forms, Liscio collects her specimens and often waits for them to dry, curl, and wither. These are then arranged next to young flowers and ripe fruits, all on a deep black background. Her work becomes a lovely journey in botanic identification; with so many different species, the arrangements offer a familiar flower for everyone.

Art + Botany: Mrs. Delany's Floral Collage

November 10, 2011
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The life of Mary Granville Pendarves Delany (1700-1788) was one spent with flowers. She embroidered floral gowns, decorated shell grottos of flowers, designed garden parterres and allées. A 18th-century socialite with noble blood (descended from the royal court of Queen Elizbeth I) and fascinating friends (adored by Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and Edmund Burke), the charming doyenne was prolific and creative throughout her long life.

Art & Botany: Shadow Boxing Floralscapes

December 07, 2009
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Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar designs shadow-boxed collages of intricate floralscapes with roots that dangle and succulents that grow upside down. Layering natural objects and paper bits—magazine cutouts, dried flowers and leaves, pressed paper, and illustrations—she builds landscapes that float like a surrealist's garden. Donkelaar uses pins to adhere her material, like species in a specimen box, a technique that gives a curious depth to the one-dimensional artifacts.