Art + Botany: Mary Vaux Walcott, the "Audubon of Botany"

February 23, 2012
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In 1925 the Smithsonian Institution published a five-volume collection of botanic illustrations titled North American Wild Flowers. The lengthy work cataloged plants that grew throughout the continent, with companion information about each specimen.

Botanic Notables: The Bashful Plant

June 17, 2011
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Quietly trailing the soil with slender stems, Mimosa pudica is an unassuming herb. While it does not invite attention, it responds dramatically to the touch. At a light caress, its fern-like leaves will fold inward; a gentle thrust will collapse the petiole. Mimosa pudica (Bashful Plant) is the introvert of the garden, yet, with a coy choreography that is curiously beautiful, it is impossible not to touch, and has fascinated botanists for centuries.

Art + Botany: The Illustrated Journals of Carl Linnaeus

March 03, 2011
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In the summer of 1732, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus embarked on a scientific expedition to Lapland, a mountainous region replete with uncharted soil, people, and plants.