A Fruit Revival: The Marshall Strawberry

December 13, 2012
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A rose by any other name is as sweet, but what about a strawberry? If its name is Marshall, it's the sweetest of them all, but chances are you've never eaten one, at least not lately. Abundant and popular in early- & mid-century, the aromatic, juicy berry has since become very rare. Now, thanks to the loving propagation of Leah Gauthier, you can plant one yourself.

Botanic Superlatives: Brightest Berry Joins Glitterati of the Natural World

November 19, 2012
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What's brighter than a peacock and shinier than a butterfly? A tiny, hard, fruit that grows in the forests of Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and other African countries. According to biologists, the tiny fruits of Pollia condensata, a meter-tall perennial herb commonly known as the marble berry, surpass anything other living organism in their capacity to dazzle with a rainbow of iridescent light.

Botanic Notables: The Official City Plant of Los Angeles

May 18, 2012
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If you don't live in Los Angeles—and even if you do—you're probably surprised when I tell you that I began writing about plants when I moved here. I know, you think, there are lots of palms, sure, but aren't so many of them neon? Yes, there's a bit of flourescent greenery, but the city's brightest colors are in the bougainvillea. Los Angeles may have been built with tinsel, concrete, silicone, and celluloid, but a world of plants grows in the spaces between.