Planning Tips for a Garden Remodel

May 20, 2012
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A mud hole, a rather majestic mud hole if I say so myself, is what I've been looking at all winter. Hardworking and clever workmen ?— Bobcat drivers, concrete pourers, rebar positioners, posthole excavators — populate the scene occasionally. We have been remodeling our backyard. 

Perhaps you can learn from my experiences. For what it's worth, here are a few reminders on planning a garden remodel or landscape from scratch:

Movie Night

September 02, 2011
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In 1933, Richard M. Hollingshead, a sales manager at Whiz Auto Products in Camden, New Jersey, propped a Kodak projector on his car hood, hung a sheet from trees, placed a radio behind the sheet for sound—and thusly invented the drive-in movie.

Though drive-ins, which peaked in popularity in the 1950s, have faded away, today's projectors allow homeowners like Renée and Bob Asher to revive the magic of Hollingshead's invention in their own yards. For the past four years during warmer months, the Ashers have screened films in their Kansas City, Missouri, driveway.