Photo by: Tim Fuller

Margaret Joplin’s work has a definite elemental appeal. Its celebration of steel and stone speaks of earth and industry and craftsmanship. You can almost hear the sounds of forge and fire, hammer and chisel. And the studied awareness of water apparent in her landscapes is simpatico with the Southwestern surroundings that trigger Joplin’s creative muse.

Art & Botany: Flower Mandalas

November 21, 2012
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Arizona artist Kathy Klein gathers natural materials—cones, leaves, petals—and arranges them in situ. Bougainvillea in Los Angeles and Opuntia fruit in Sedona—her subjects are distinctly local, but her arrangements are designed to be universal. She's adapted the Hindu concept of a spiritual mandala (Sanskrit for 'circle') into a series of flora danmalas (Sanskrit for 'giver of garlands'). Her sense of composition is lyrical and her colorplay is alternately soft and dramatic.

The owners of this midcentury Tucson, Arizona, residence find themselves outside most of the time thanks to the outdoor living space designed by Tucson-based firm Ibarra Rosano Design Architects. On a $60,000 budget for the entire outdoor living space, Luis Ibarra and Teresa Rosano created an area that can be used year-round and takes advantage of the southern Arizona climate and spectacular desert and distant mountain views.