Susan Heeger

Susan Heeger
Nate Mendel 05
How putting succulents in the pond and snapping up the local nurserys ugliest trees yielded a pitch-perfect paradise. Read More »
bromeliad Dyckia ‘Brittle Star’
Explore the many-hued, multifarious world of bromeliads with our exclusive photos and read the story of David Shiigi, bromeliad-grower and hydridizer extraordinaire, who serenades his bromeliads with a Hawaiian guitar. Read More »
Garden Design - Moss
In gardens around Japan, moss is used to create spaces of deep tranquility and transcendent beauty.

Read More »
Garden Design - Perfect Union 01
At a classic Beverly Hills home, the interior design inspired a surrounding garden. A collaboration between French interior designer Chahan Minassian and landscape designer Judy Kameon, this modern house is designed for the indoor-outdoor life. Read More »
The Pacific Grove, California-based designer comments on his influences and inspirations Read More »
Garden Design
Learn more about landscape architect Mark Tessier and his recently-completed Southern California projects Read More »
The temple gardens of Kyoto, Japan, are famous for their tranquility and their use of moss. Our guide to visiting four of the most spectacular temple gardens. Read More »
grow pelargonium
Lured by pelargoniums? Here's how to care for them. Read More »
These six unique varieties of pelargoniums are quite rare and mysterious—and worth tracking down.  Read More »
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