Jenny Andrews

Jenny Andrews
radiance black eyed susan from Ball
Garden Design editors look for new Way Hot plants at the 2007 California Pack Trials  Read More »
Green Elevation413-06
A home and garden on a steep hillside in the Rocky Mountains  Read More »
Part folk artist, though with a surrealistic bent, and part Edward Scissorhands, though without the angst, topiary creator extraordinaire Pearl Fryar is the humblest celebrity you'll ever meet. Read More »
With an eye for the right plant in the right place, landscape designer Bernard Trainor reclaims a magnificent Carmel, California, site Read More »
A former abandoned water pumping station in Highland Park, Texas  Read More »
Artist and architect Maya Lin's latest work at Mountainville, New York's Storm King Art Center  Read More »
A project in Aspen goes green from the ground up Read More »
Standing at the worktable in his shop, surrounded by an array of floral design elements that celebrated both nature and high style, Bruno Duarte demonstrated his artistry for photographer Jon Whittle and editor Jenny Andrews. Read More »
Garden Design
Famous for her interior designs, her line of outdoor lighting has the same easy glamour Read More »
Garden Design
If you count yourself among the rich and famous, who do you call ... Read More »
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