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Peonies deliver showstopping blooms with surprisingly little effort.


We take a look at some of the most imaginative gardening blogs out there on the world wide web, starting with Pruned, a wonderful landscape architecture blog that seems a world away from what we normally think of as the garden. 
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The radio has become fertile ground for gardeners looking to expand their knowledge. Here’s a list of the shows we're listening to.


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Can you recommend some good sources for buying seeds and offer some tips for starting plants from seed? 

—Julia Tomer, Pittsburgh 

Starting plants from seed, whether flowers, fruits, or vegetables, requires a little research. Some seeds will need an early start indoors; others can be sown directly in the garden. Most seed packets will provide you with all the information you need to have a successful season, as will the websites of many online purveyors. While I still enjoy receiving the odd seed catalogue or two by mail—Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( is a favorite—I do most of my seed shopping online.

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Traveling to the United Kingdom? Be sure to stop at these garden stores and nurseries. 
Shops designed to cater to the savvy and style-conscious gardener
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