Vertical Ascent

Vertical Ascent

May 15, 2012

On the Ball A planter made from 80 percent recycled cast-iron allows vines to drape gesturally over its edges. ($155; Urban Nature)

A spate of new containers capitalizes on an upwardly mobile trend. For those with smaller gardens, a pot that allows for vertical growth is a space-saving godsend. Whether the container encourages upward growth or an orderly cascade over its edges, it has the advantage of a minimal footprint. Not all plants are suited to the often cramped up-and-down conditions. (We’re looking at you, space- and nutrient-hogging tomato.) But some edibles, like wild strawberries, happily trail downward while others, like Mexican sour gherkins, seem born to reach for the sky. 

Vertical Planter 02

Climber Control The organic shapes of the Green Divider planter work as sculpture and as a frame for  vines  to cover.  (For more information, visit Offecct

This article was first published in Garden Design May 2012