Shop Commune

Shop Commune

July 18, 2011
Photo by: Gemma & Andrew Ingalls

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The Commune design firm has always included custom decorative objects as part of its indoor and outdoor projects, usually a collaboration between the company and local artisans. From these joint efforts, some signature products have emerged. Heather Levine, a Los Angeles—based potter, and Joanne Bean, a graphic designer, are behind a line of glazed earthenware bird feeders, with Native American—style etchings on a porcelain slip.

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A linen collection, realized by Los Angeles—based Matteo, features napkins and tablecloths that are piece-dyed using natural tints.

Garden Design - Shop Commune 03
Commune also dabbles in reclaimed materials, and its collection of pillows features kilim remnants with assorted backings (silk, velvet, canvas) and vintage trims.

All photos by Gemma & Andrew Ingalls.


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This article was first published in Garden Design July/August 2011