Holiday Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths

November 13, 2011

With a touch of charm and a wild, from-the-garden aesthetic, we rounded up these garden-inspired wreaths perfect for your décor from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Click on each wreath to learn more about them and where you can purchase them.

Guide to Holiday Wreaths:
Top row, left wreath:
Fall Artichoke Wreath from Creekside Farms
Top row, right wreath:
Fall Wreath by Wild Folk Studio

Second row, left wreath:
Thicket Wreath by Studio Choo
Second row, right wreath:
Fall Forage Wreath by Espe Floral

Third row, left wreath:
Seasonal Wreath at Good Eggs Brooklyn
Third row, right wreath:
Rose Hip Wreath at Nickey Kehoe

Fourth row, left wreath:
Tillandsia + Foliage Wreath by Robin Charlotte
Fourth row, middle wreath:
Olive Wreath from Williams Sonoma
Fourth row, right wreath:
Black Willow Wreath from Terrain