A Frog Lover’s Delight

Photo by: Todd Coleman

“Isn’t that a fabulous book?” exclaims Lynne Dodson when asked about Bonnie Bull’s Flower Frogs for Collectors (Schiffer; 2001). Bull’s exhaustive guide (600 color photos, with essays throughout) covers the history of the device used to anchor flower stems in a bowl or a vase. No one, not even the author, can say how the frog got its name, although she points out that it sits in standing water much like its amphibious namesake. Each image comes with the provenance and likely price, ranging from an American wire mesh dome ($5) to a German ceramic “Winged Psyche on a Rock with Butterfly” ($200 to $250). Dodson knows frogs because her company, Dorothy Biddle Service, makes them. She also has her own collection, numbering about a hundred. “They live here, there, and everywhere,” she says. “One I use as a toothbrush holder.”

Garden Design - Flower Frogs for Collectors


This article was first published in Garden Design April 2011