Tanglewood Conservatories

Tanglewood Conservatories

January 3, 2011
January 03, 2011
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Tanglewood's Conservatory Production teams are heirs to a 300-year-old craft and woodworking tradition. Tanglewood Conservatories seeks to rediscover and reinvent the blending of modern, efficient production techniques along with the traditional sensitivity to form, proportion, materials, and detail. Anything else is just another room!


Tanglewood Conservatories designs, custom-builds, and installs conservatories, greenhouses, botanical & palm houses, swimming pool enclosures, domes, lanterns, and skylights. Our glass conservatories have graced fine homes for centuries.


Products & Services

When we dream up a conservatory, we hold nothing back: Our designs are often complex and quite intricate; they are always one of a kind. At the heart of every Tanglewood Conservatories design are our craftsmen's delicate hands. They tap, sand, smooth, and join the intricate parts. From playful to serious, classic to contemporary, Tanglewood Conservatories are designed to match your home, your land, your life, and your spirit. Only an architect’s eye can make this union so seamless. The focal point of many homes, Tanglewood's Conservatories invite you to come, relax, and survey your realm. Filled with natural light, they bring nature inside, quiet the mind and nurture the soul. Each of our works of art will continue to inspire that magic for generations to come.                                                                                                                                                       

The Tanglewood story is our journey to merge today's technology and fine art into the perfect glass house—handhacrafted exclusively for you. Most rooms in a home allow you to build a "dream" version: dream kitchen, dream bedroom, dream bath—the conservatory allows you the architectural equivalent of a dream. It offers a place to dream, to dwell and to live.


Remember, a conservatory is a permanent structure. Your conservatory should be built to last by a company with know-how, experience, and a true passion for building conservatories. Tanglewood's skilled craftsmen are equally at home working with copper, glass or wood. All of our creations are fabricated at our Denton, Maryland facility. 


Where to Buy

We install conservatories, greenhouses, and sunrooms across the globe. Please call or visit our website.


Contact Information


(410) 479-4700