Stepstone, Inc.

Stepstone, Inc.

January 7, 2011
January 07, 2011
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For more than 35 years Stepstone, Inc. has produced elegant, handmade, precast concrete products. Stepstone works closely with landscape architects to make products that fulfill their design requirements.


Products & Services

Easy-to-install hardscape elements that complete projects with the just the right look. 


CalArc Pavers: Available in 21 different sizes, a wide range of standard and custom colors, and four standard finshes. CalArc pavers can be used on grade or elevated on pedestals to create a roof deck.


Narrow Modular Pavers: The long, narrow paver that pioneered what some have called "the new brick." 


Veranostone wall caps, garden steps, and pool coping are also available. 


Where to Buy

Sold directly across the country, with a dealer network in Southern and Northern California. Call or visit our website to request a catalog.


Contact Information

(310) 327-7474