Moss Acres

Moss Acres

March 1, 2011
March 01, 2011
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Featured Partner: Moss Acres

Moss Acres is the leading supplier of four types of live, plantable moss and moss accessories to gardening enthusiasts, landscape architects, designers, and contractors. Based in northeastern Pennsylvania, Moss Acres is committed to helping customers learn about and grow mosses and to sustainable harvesting practices.

Products & Services
Moss Milkshake is a convenient, dry mix of moss fragments, acidifying agents, and water-retention gel. Simply mix with water and spread this “moss starter kit” in your favorite shady spot. The Moss Milkshake covers up to 20 square feet and is an economical way to start a moss garden or enhance an existing moss patch. Moss is environmentally friendly and requires no mowing, chemicals, or watering once established. Save your blender,  

the Moss Milkshake has all the ingredients you will need!

The Live Moss Garden Pack is for the gardener who can’t wait. Each eco-friendly, biodegradable bag contains two square feet of live, lush, dormant, ready-to-plant mosses: Hypnum imponens (sheet moss), Dicranum scoparium (broom moss), or Leucobryum glaucum (cushion moss). Easy to install: simply dunk mosses in water and tamp gently on the ground in a shaded area. Water for three to four weeks. Moss will rehydrate, turn lush green, and start growing immediately.

Live mosses are perfect for shaded pathways and patios, rock gardens, Japanese gardens, fern gardens, water features, shady “lawns,” fairy gardens, and rain gardens. Moss Acres also conducts workshops for enthusiasts and professionals.

Were to Buy
Moss Milkshake is available at or through independent garden centers and gift shops.
Live Moss Garden Pack is available only through independent garden centers and gift shops.

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