Jonathan Steele’s Handmade Yin-Yang Moongate


Jonathan Steele’s Handmade Yin-Yang Moongate

July 19, 2013
July 19, 2013
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After 28 years as a Head Forester in Dorset, England, Jonathan Steele retired, set up shop and began crafting items for the home and garden out of English Oak. His Yin Yang Moongate combines the English love of gardening with the contemplative nature of Chinese gardens. “The Moongate dates well back in the history of China where, like the full moon it resembles, it played an important part in their cultural philosophy,” Steele explains on his website. His freestanding gate is ideal for framing views of your garden or home.

Steele’s design consists of twelve segments of thick, hand-shaped English Oak joined together with stainless steel fasteners to form the shape of a circle. Black and white pieces inlaid along the joints represent the Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang. The gate is eight feet in diameter, allowing two people to pass through, and high enough for someone six feet tall to walk under. The bottom portion of the gate must be sunk into a concrete footing to support its weight of nearly a third of a ton. Steele offers delivery across the UK mainland and is willing to arrange delivery to the States for an extra fee.

Yin Yang Moongate (£945.00 + delivery and installation)