Conservation Technology RainBox

Conservation Technology RainBox

February 16, 2011
February 16, 2011
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Conservation Technology offers low-maintenance systems to collect, filter, store, and re-use rainwater for exterior or interior use in residential or commercial structures. In a typical small residential installation, water from the downspouts is piped to and stored in our RainBoxes, which easily interconnect for greater storage capacity.

Products & Services
RainBox, our smallest tank, is a completely re-designed “rainbarrel” that offers high-storage capacity and effective filtration in a very compact package. Each unit holds 75 gallons, and multiple units can be connected with built-in 2” top and bottom ports. An overflow is available as an option to redirect excess water away from the building’s foundation. Larger surface and underground storage options are also available.

Where to Buy
To speak to a technical service representative or to place an order, please call us toll-free at

(800) 477-7724.

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(800) 477-7724