Century Furniture's Punta Cana collection


Century Furniture's Punta Cana collection

August 21, 2003
August 21, 2003
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Perhaps the greatest appeal of living in the Caribbean is that you can live so much of your life outdoors. Even the house you live in — the verandas, the dining areas, the living room — can open right onto the sea.

But if you don't have a house in the Caribbean quite yet, your next best option is to bring the spirit of the place into your ownbackyard. Century Furniture had this idea in mind when it asked fashion designer Oscar de la Renta to collaborate on its first collection of outdoor furniture. Based on the woven rattan pieces de la Renta designed for his own home in Punta Cana and had made by hand in the Dominican Republic, the collection seems packaged with the ocean breeze, fully equipped with all the understated panache of the de la Renta style.

Century's pieces have been redesigned in Hularo, a weather-resistant polyethylene extruded fiber that is impervious to sun and rain. The 11-piece outdoor collection ranges from a roomy chaise to a cast-stone table inspired by the coquina stone columns on de la Renta's Greek Revival villa. Like de la Renta, you might try these new renditions both inside and out at your place, too. 800-852-5552, centuryfurniture.com.