Bamboo Fencer

Bamboo Fencer

January 3, 2011
January 03, 2011
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Bamboo Fencer strives to bring you nature's most sustainable building material through a wide selection of bamboo paneling, fencing, and other indoor & outdoor products. More than twenty years in the bamboo business give us the experience and expertise to offer you the highest quality bamboo products available.


Products & Services

As our name suggests, our specialty is bamboo rolled fencing. Our popular Bamboo Friendly Fence is available in enough colors, diameters, and heights to suit the needs of any backyard project. Priced for DIYers seeking a sustainable and stylish material, the Bamboo Friendly Fence fits in both simple and more complex framed installations. Many customers simply attach it to an existing chain-link fence, while others build handsome custom frames from readily available lumber.


Those seeking the quality and durability of commercial grade products will appreciate the Bamboo Good Neighbor Fence. It's made in Massachusetts and assembled from high-quality bamboo poles woven together with copper-clad wire in an external weave—something you won't find in any other bamboo fence on the market.


We also sell rolled fences made of bamboo cane, willow stalks, and other sustainable materials that are perfect for gardens. A wide selection of bamboo poles provides our customers the materials they need to complete their custom projects. Wall coverings made from bamboo, as well as a variety of tropical grasses, bring rich, natural, and exotic textures and patterns into interiors.


Where to Buy

Visit our website to browse our selection of bamboo fences, bamboo paneling, bamboo poles, and bamboo garden edging.


Contact information

(888) 381-3892