The 2005 Way Hot 100

I Love This Plant

The 2005 Way Hot 100

March 17, 2005

Enjoy a red carpet moment with these in-your-face plants that burst into garden centers in 2005.

COLLECTOR'S CHOICE There's a certain cachet in seeking out the best, the newest or the just plain odd. Here are some leads for the gardener who has everything.

HEAT SEEKERS Mediterranean, tender and drought-loving plants satisfy a passion for exotic looks in tough places.

LEAVES THAT LIGHT UP Foliage plants are the hardworking backbone of the garden. They provide year-round interest and color if you choose well.

AMERICAN NATIVES Interest in selected forms of native plants has never been greater. They're the obvious choice for creating gardens that look beautifully in place.

SOURCES  You should be able to find many of the plants listed in our April 2005 article at local nurseries and garden centers. Others are harder to find, available regionally or just coming on the market. This article lists online suppliers as well as wholesale growers of the plants. The wholesale sites often direct you to retail outlets. Or ask a local retailer about ordering from the wholesaler. Good luck with your plant search!

Who's Who

Special thanks to those who shared their expertise and inspired us as we made our plant selections.

AB Andrew Bunting, Scott Arboretum, Swarthmore College; BC Bill Cullina, New England Wild Flower Society; BG Barry Glick, Sunshine Farms; BT Bernard Trainor, landscape architect; CS Carl Schoenfeld, Yuccado; DF Dave Fross, Native Sons; DJ Diane Johnson, maple specialist, Greer Gardens; DH Dan Heims, Terra Nova; DHS Dale Hendricks North Creek Nursery; DR Diana Reek Collector's Nursery; DW Deborah Wigham, Digging Dog Nursery; FM Frauntene McLarney, Ecke Ranch; HL Harvey Lang, Fischer; JS Josh Schneider, Proven Winners; JVB John Van Bourgondien, Simple Pleasures; LA Lou Aguirre, Jackson & Perkins; NS Nicholas Staddon, Monrovia; PB Pam Baggett, Singing Springs Nursery; PM Paul Moore, West Garden Center; RC Ruth Chivers Contributing Editor; RF Richard Fraser, Thimble Farms; RS Robert Saul, Saul Brothers; SC Stephanie Cohen, Temple University, PPA; SJ Steve Jones, Bodgers Botanicals; SH Sean Hogan, Cistus; SHC Steve Hutton, Conard Pyle; TB Terri Bates, Bates Sons & Daughters; TB & MB Terri Barnes and Mike Berkley, GroWild; TD Tom Dodd, Dodd & Dodd Nursery; TF Tom Foley, Hines Nursery; TM Tom Micheletti, The Hosta Patch; TW Tim Wood, Spring Meadow Nursery.