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Ornamental peppers have become popular summer annuals, and surprise, surprise, they're happy indoors as well. 'Sangria' is a new introduction from PanAmerican Seed with a continuous full complement of red and purple peppers that are not hot (so they're child-friendly).
A host of tropical houseplants that have found new life in the great outdoors as annuals in the warm months are still happy denizens of windowsills and sunrooms when the temperature drops
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Garden Design editors look for new Way Hot plants at the 2007 California Pack Trials 
Traveling to the United Kingdom? Be sure to stop at these garden stores and nurseries. 
Either by making or finding them, new plants are constantly arriving on the scene — here's how to get a sneak peek
Unfurling the mystery of ferns. 
Franziska Reed Huxley has never met a fern she didn't like 
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