Maureen Gilmer

Maureen Gilmer
Flower Garden Walk
The Spring Blooms celebration at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania showcases a spectacular display of tulips—a nod to Pierre S. du Pont who laid out Longwood Gardens and planted the first tulips in 1907. During Spring Blooms, which spans from April... Read More »
patio with long blooming plants
Eric Sternfels calls garden making "an interesting, quiet labor," which has resulted in a unique landscape filled with usable ideas. With a background in architecture, he designed a garden in a long narrow space behind his vintage 1840s home in Philadelphia. His passion for the art of plant placement is manifested in such simple, yet elegant... Read More »
Eddie Zaratsian Floral Arrangement
When Hollywood stars hire Eddie Zaratsian, they know this renowned botanical artist with his generous, magnetic personality will create a powerful reflection of his clients' personal style and preferences.  Check out his inspiring work below, including some images from his new book, Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle Read More »
Garden Design
Casey Key is a narrow strip of land separated from the coast by Blackburn Bay just south of Sarasota. Homes on the key enjoy both a seaside Gulf exposure to the west as well as views eastward across the bay to the mainland. Discover a new landscape that became a landmark soon after completion due to its strikingly unique features. Step inside... Read More »
Garden Design
See a fabulous display of pumpkins, gourds and squash at the Dallas Arboretum now through November 27th. In various sizes, whimsical forms and bright colors, you’ll want to take notes as a reminder to order seed and grow your favorites next year. Read More »
Garden Design
When floral designer Clover Chadwick thinks outside the box, the result is an entirely new way to live with flowers indoors and out. At her Los Angeles studio, Dandelion Ranch, Clover remembered how the wilds of America looked from the square window of her family's car. This two dimensional view became the inspiration for Garden Screens, a truly... Read More »
Fargo, Garden Design
See how precise window placement, striking contrasts and native plantings bring nature into the rooms of this Fargo, North Dakota home designed by Stahl Architects and Land Elements. Read More »
Sarasota Modern Landscape
Learn how a distinctive mid-century home inspired by the Sarasota School of Architecture is flawlessly restored and improved for fresh, 21st century perfection.


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Garden Design
Nothing beats the flavor of a thick walled sweet pepper grilled to perfection.  When fully ripe, red bell peppers are sweet enough to eat out of hand, and when grilled they become the highlight of the meal.  When home grown, peak of sweetness occurs when green bells mature to bright red.  Pick them at the last minute to maintain... Read More »
Garden Design
Inspired by ghost town bottle houses, the newest old idea in the modern landscape is building with bottles instead of recycling them.  One of the most doable ideas is creating built in seatwalls. Read More »
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