Ethan Cromwell Palmer

Ethan Cromwell Palmer
Helmets Planted with Trees
Bikers race through the streets with plants on their heads (above), the 2012 International Landscape Design Award competition is now open, a Lego tree house, succulent ornaments, Patrick Blanc's vertical gardens, the Windowfarms Project, clothing that grows, the underground "Low-Line" park, and the online release of the urban planning documentary... Read More »
Garden Design
Igloo hotels, a malt factory transforms into an urban roof farm in Berlin, a mountain retreat in New Mexico, Apple's new campus, DIY Christmas decorations, a wild tree house with a drawbridge, and a proposed floating garden park for Taiwan. Read More »
treehouse hotel tout
Seven cool tree houses around the world that you can visit and rent for a night, a week, or just for a dinner. Located in forests, tiger preserves, and next to the sea, these tree houses are ideal for anyone looking for a vacation that's a little out of the ordinary.  Read More »