Katie Mendelson

Katie Mendelson
Parvez Taj Rubik's Cube
Never could figure out the puzzle? Now you can just put your drink on it.  Read More »
David Austin England's Rose and Queen Anne
Although they won’t debut until September, we got an exclusive preview of two 2013 blooms from British hybridizer David Austin Roses. ‘England’s Rose’ (left) and ‘... Read More »
historic luxe
Otahuna's formal Dutch Garden, which takes its name from its windmill-shaped plan, is one of many landscape delights at the luxury lodge. Read More »
Vasiliy Butenko's Mess lamp pays homage to the ordered chaos of botanical forms.  Read More »
Samuel Untermyer's Garden 1
The city of Yonkers, New York, is unearthing a garden from New York’s golden age—the grand Persian gardens of Samuel Untermyer, overlooking the Hudson River. The story of how an architect and a horticulturist are working on clearing 70 years of brush and hoping to make the Untermyer Gardens one of the greatest public gardens in America.  Read More »
One Block Feast
In today's from Garden to Table column, Katie Mendelson reviews Sunset magazine's new book The One-Block Feast, about the staff's experience in growing, cooking, and eating their own food at their California headquarters. Plus: A recipe for pattypan squash with eggs baked inside! Read More »
Garden Design - City Style 02
Francine Gardner, owner of New York's Intérieurs, shows our writer Katie Mendelson how a few inspired finds can turn a city rooftop into an urban oasis.  Read More »
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