Katie Mendelson

Katie Mendelson
Garden Design
Unseasonably warm weather has led to a prolonged summer harvest. Make the best of it by cooking up a spicy, delicious succotash.  Read More »
Fleur Bella
Katie Mendelson visits this year's Horticultural Society of New York Dinner Dance and Flower Show (theme: "Fire and Ice") and reports on her favorite tablescapes. Read More »
Trimming and clipping topiary (see 'Shape Shifters') is a lot easier with the right tools. Once you assemble your arsenal, keep it cleaned, sharpened, and oiled. Here, according to our sources, are five must-haves for the beginning topiarist.


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Garden Design - LIVING COLORS
We review Rebecca Burgess's new book Harvesting Color, a guide to making your own dyes from plants for yarn and fabrics. Read More »
strawberry scone2
In our new column, we cook local bounty that's in season. Today, Katie Mendelson writes about Mark Diacono's The Food Lover's Garden, where he argues that "Life is too short to grow ordinary food," and shares the recipe for Diacono's Strawberry Scones. Read More »
Garden Design - Mike Bouchet Lawn Chair
Cumulus Studios invites contemporary fine artists to create limited-edition outdoor pieces that reflect founder and landscape designer Nathalie Karg's connections with the art world. Read More »
Morning Glory Farm
Zucchini is a bumper crop for almost every gardener who chooses to grow it. In today's From Garden to Table column, Katie Mendelson shares a recipe for zucchini bread from the Morning Glory Farm cookbook, a book that grew out of a favorite farm stand on Martha's Vineyard, which is an institution on the island, beloved for its fresh vegetables. Read More »
Garden Design - Swingers 01
In these super-hot days of summer, who doesn't want a hammock to lounge in? Here are three of our favorites. Read More »
Vegetables from an Italian Garden
Despite the insane heat, Katie Mendelson had a hankering for something more substantial this week and turned to Phaidon's Vegetables from an Italian Garden for a recipe. The result? Some delicious eggplant balls. It's a vegetarian take on meatballs and perfect for anyone whose eggplants are ready to be harvested in this heat. Read More »
Garden Design - Head Candy 01
We take a look at some of the most imaginative gardening blogs out there on the world wide web, starting with Pruned, a wonderful landscape architecture blog that seems a world away from what we normally think of as the garden.  Read More »
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