Paul O'Donnell

Paul O'Donnell
Between now and the end of september, outdoor antiques shows come so fast and furious that gardeners might feel, well, like veteran collector John Derian. “At shows I race around and view the whole thing, looking for larger pieces first,” says Derian, who stocks his eponymous Manhattan store with finds he picks up all over, from... Read More »
Garden Design - Well-Edited Garden
One June 18, this Saturday, the Sakonnet Garden in Little Compton, Rhode Island, opens for a symposium titled “Lofty Aspirations of Down-to-Earth Gardeners.” John Gwynne, who has been working on the one-acre plot with Mikel Folcarelli, his partner of 30 years, says, "We started collecting just to see what we could grow." Read More »
Garden Design - The Outside Edge
A new crop of outdoor seating looks and feels good enough to take inside Read More »
Garden Design - Book
Dorothy Biddle was a pioneer in the world of American flower arranging, traveling around the country by bus and train from the late 1940s to the late 1950s, encouraging Americans everywhere to grow and arrange their own flowers. Her legacy lives on today in her company, Dorothy Biddle Service, run by her granddaughter, which continues to sell... Read More »
bocce 1
Bocce courts have become a common sight in private gardens—here's the scoop about how to incorporate one into your garden. Read More »
Garden Design - The Outside Edge
A new crop of outdoor seating looks and feels good enough to take inside. Read More »
On the Caribbean island of Nevis, the diverse styles of artists Helen and Brice Marden and landscape architect Raymond Jungles yield a singular vision. Read More »
nevis Golden Rock Inn water feature
A gallery of photographs of artists Helen and Brice Marden's inn in Nevis, in the Caribbean, with gardens designed by Raymond Jungles, including close-up of many of the tropical plants on the property. Read More »
wall fresco
A new book by interior designer Florence De Dampierre, Walls: The Best of Decorative Treatments ($60, Rizzoli), chronicles our impulse to decorate with frescoes, paneling, tapestry, or wallpaper, often devoted to flora. Read More »
Papaver Raspberry Queen
Drawing inspiration from artists including Imogen Cunningham, Karl Blossfeldt, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Mary Delaney, Isabel Bannerman creates striking... Read More »
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