Ted Loos

Ted Loos
Garden Design - Fitting Tribute 01
True Life: Steven Harris Architects, from Princeton Architectual Press, is a retrospective that covers Steven Harris Architects' first twenty-five years. The firm has long made landscape design an integral part of its work, with its in-house landscape unit spun off four years ago as Rees Roberts + Partners. Our review of the book, with a look at... Read More »
Garden Design - ModernGarden01
Half a century after its creation, Dan Kiley's landmark Modernist garden in Indiana goes public


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Garden Design - ModernGarden01
The Miller House, designed by Eero Saarinen, has a landmark Modernist garden designed by Dan Kiley. This month, May 2011, the house and garden are opening to the public for tours for the first time in 50 years, allowing visitors to walk through this triumph of mid-century Modern design. Read More »
Grey Gardens
From the restored beauty of Grey Gardens to the minimalist designs of landscape designer Edwina von Gal, Hamptons Gardens showcases the best of the good life. Read More »
marie khouri white planter
With sculptor Marie Khouri's series of concrete planters, the container is reimagined as contemporary art.  Read More »
Zoysia japonica ‘Palisades’
Photographs of a garden in Austin, Texas, that was transformed from a scrubby two-acre parcel into a dramatically tiered, lushly green outdoor space, with water everywhere, including a waterfall feeding into a creek. Read More »
Hillside planted with Muhlenbergia dumosa
A steep and ramshackle plot of land is transformed into a peaceful retreat. Read More »