Alex Erikson

Alex Erikson
Garden Design - Tale of the Tube No Text
The vital statistics on every gardener’s lifeline


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Garden Design - Gallons of Glamour
Say “rain barrel” and most of us think of a retired whiskey cask with algae lurking beneath the lid. Lately, though, the green push to save water and reduce impurities in our gardens has brought rain barrels into the present, complete with updated designs and high-tech add-ons. Hero Design Lab, a small Toronto firm, joins the movement with its RC... Read More »
Garden Design - A Pattern We Love 2
Dorothy Draper & Company reissued a rhododendron pattern on a fabric originally designed as a wallpaper for the famous Greenbrier resort, which was decorated according to the theme "romance and rhododendrons." Read More »
Garden Design - Bag
We're loving this waxed canvas bag, originally designed for carpenters, but perfect for a garden tote and handmade in Omaha, Nebraska. It's chic and sturdy. Read More »
Hero Design Lab RC 1 Rain Collector
Hero Design Lab, a small Toronto firm, joins the rain barrel movement with its RC 1 rain collector, proving that stewarding resources doesn't need to come at the detriment of design. PLUS: Enter for a chance to win one! Read More »
 Moss milkshake
Did you know that you can cultivate moss with a blender and some yogurt or beer? Here's our tips for how to make a milkshake of moss "paint" to plant in your garden. Read More »
The radio has become fertile ground for gardeners looking to expand their knowledge. Here’s a list of the shows we're listening to.


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Garden Design - Boxwood Cube
Designer Sean Knibb was using outdoor fabric to cover hay bales, but he became sick of hauling hay bales around. Determined to find a lighter solution, he came up with the Boxwood Cube, named after the trimmed shape of the boxwood hedge, and covered in bright, weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric. Read More »
Garden Design
May is a banner month for public garden plant sales. This year at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, curator Don Mahoney is growing the fragrant luculia shrub, for which, he says, “a local nursery had a waiting list 35 people long.” At the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, director of horticulture Dorthe Hviid has... Read More »
Garden Design - Cocktail Caddy
The tools below will help transform ingredients from the garden into delicious cocktails. Crush herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the Schott Zwiesel Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker ($40) using the... Read More »
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